More Customers Plead With Sportybet Over Unpaid Winnings

June 26, 2024

As the Euros 2024 gets going, many sports betters seem not comfortable with the popular betting site, SportyBet over their ‘unpaid winnings’ with new victims complaining.

The complaints are coming on the heels of Betner’s recent controversy with Sportybet, raising concern about potential inadequate customer service.

One user, who began using Sportybet in November 2023, claims to have initially deposited N5 million.

After successfully growing their account balance to nearly N18 million, following successive winnings, they could no longer access their account as Sportybet had locked them out.

“…I have been in contact with their customer care agent since then and anytime I provide the documents they requested from me, they will request for more ridiculous ones. The last request was my international passport.

“I have pleaded and begged them to reopen the account to no avail,’’ Anthony Anozie said.

This experience appears to be far from unique.

Several other users have come with similar stories.

One described having his account locked despite submitting requested document like bank statements.

Communication with customer service has reportedly ceased entirely, leaving them with no answers and trapped funds.

“My problem with Sporty Bet is that my account has been locked for some time now and they refused to open it.

“Have sent the required documents their customer care agent asked me to send via email yet my account remains locked. Please I would like my account to be reopened. Thank you”, Aleke Esther shared her experience.

Another user specifically highlights the issue of account freezes upon attempting withdrawals.

They claim Sportybet requested verification documents like bank statements and even a passport, which were all submitted, yet their account remained frozen.

This user, along with many others, described months of unanswered calls, emails, and chats with customer service representatives offering no solutions.

These accounts paint a concerning picture of potential customer exploitation. Locked accounts, unresponsive customer service, and seemingly arbitrary verification requests raise serious questions about Sportybet’s practices.

As more users come forward, the need for a thorough investigation into these allegations becomes increasingly clear.