LASG, Organisations Promote Maternal Health with AI

The Lagos State Ministry of Health has partnered with mDoc Healthcare and MSD for Mothers to launch ‘The Digital Mom Project’, aimed at using AI technology to improve maternal health.

Speaking with journalists at the unveiling of the project in Lagos, the Reproductive Health Coordinator at Lagos State Ministry of Health, Dr Victoria Omoera, said the Digital Mom Project’ was designed to establish a comprehensive system that promoted physical, emotional, and financial well-being through both virtual and in-person self-care support.

She highlighted its coverage of critical topics, including collaboration with healthcare professionals, remote support through phones, and community fellowship for pregnant women to share experiences and learn from older mothers.

According to Omoera, the platform simplifies information on vital aspects like monitoring blood pressure and blood sugar levels and guiding women on suitable meals for a healthy pregnancy outcome.

Emphasising the connection between a healthy mother and a healthy child, she underscored the project’s priority.

Key components of the project include establishing a Virtual Learning Network to enhance the quality of maternal health systems, deploying a woman-centric digital review system to amplify women’s voices in healthcare and foster collaboration among stakeholders.

The Manager of mDoc, Chiagozie Abiakam, explained the project’s response to those challenges, building on the success of previous MSD for Mothers-funded initiatives.

In her presentation, she stated: “‘The Digital Mom Project’ aims to empower over 200,000 women and train 3,000 healthcare workers over 30 months, utilising AI-powered technology and a holistic healthcare approach.”

Abiakam highlighted the project’s commitment to addressing digital diversity, utilising NudgeHubs and community ambassadors to ensure digital, health, and financial literacy for all women.

The Director of Programmes at MSD for Mothers, Iyadunni Olubode, addressed the maternal health challenges in Nigeria.

She said: “In Nigeria, among the four countries where we operate, including the US, Kenya, and India, we acknowledge the pressing maternal health challenges.

According to Olubode, Nigeria stood as one of the greatest contributors to high global maternal mortality.

She said MSD for Mothers was committed to leveraging its resources to bring private sector expertise and resources to the table, aiming to improve maternal outcomes worldwide.