Lagos Governor, Sanwo-Olu Unveils Optimus Bank

Governor Babajide Olusola Sanwo-Olu has unveiled Optimus Bank, the latest addition to the Nigeria’s financial space in grand style.

The governor, in his speech, emphasized the bank’s potential to further drive economic growth and stability in Lagos state.

He said: “Optimus Bank will not only play a crucial role in the banking sector and the established organizations but also in start-ups and SMEs. They are set to lift the people out of poverty.”

The governor also praised Optimus Bank for employing cutting-edge technology and innovative practices, which aligns with the state’s push for technological advancement and financial modernization.

The governor further commended the commitment of Optimus Bank towards being customer-centric stating that the bank has “the interest of its customers at heart and is ready to journey with each customer individually.”

He also stated that Optimus bank service
“will take personal banking to another level” and is willing to collaborate with not just Lagos state government in every sector but also with Nigerian financial transactions.”

He acknowledged that Optimus Bank is”People-centric and consumer-focused” and implored Nigerians to “explore the services and encourage Optimus Bank with the changes it will bring.”

The governor further assured Optimus Bank of the support of the Lagos state government and promised to continually improve the business environment where safety of lives and properties is a priority and make Lagos state conducive for business to thrive.

In the same vein, the Managing Director of Optimus Bank, Dr Ademola Odeyemi stated that Optimus Bank is a “beacon of hope” and “a catalyst for new opportunities.” He said, “We are committed to empowering individuals and enterprises and to being a positive force in the society. Customer obsession is the core of our existence. At Optimus Bank we embrace innovation and we assure our customers of our support through every stage of their journey.”

Speaking on the unique strength of Optimus Bank and how it plans to leverage it’s strength into helping the bank succeed in the coming years despite the tough competition in the banking space, Ademola Odeyemi said, “The banks in the sector today also started at a time just like Optimus bank and we are not intimidated by their height. On our strength, we have the right people and we have the right technology. We have the right product for everyone, from children down to people in their seventies. We have for people in Diaspora. We have all sorts of products designed to meet the needs of people. We have young people who are seasoned professionals who understand the language.”

Dr Ademola Odeyemi added that Optimus bank has invested heavily in technology amd cyber security and was ready to protect the interest of its customers. He stressed that the strategic ambition of optimus bank is to play a critical role in financial inclusion. He mentioned further that this will be done by pioneering digital solutions, Empowering businesses, making use of Agent banking service to reach their customers and seeing to the growth of their staff.

Also speaking at the opening, Yewande Ige, the Executive director of Optimus Bank, encouraged Nigerians to give the bank a trial and “discover the benefits loaded in Optimus bank for customers of every age group including the young people.”