Ifa Priests Warn Olubara Over Attempts to Desecrate Tradition

Egba Ifa priests have expressed their disapproval of the untraditional stance of the Olubara of Ibaraland, Oba Olufemi Jacob Omolade, and warned against the desecration of Yoruba culture.

The priests expressed displeasure at a press briefing held in Gbodu Egba, Kobiti area of Abeokuta, requesting that the Paramount ruler of Egbaland, Oba Adedotun Gbadebo, intervene and address the alleged recent comments made by Oba Olufemi Jacob Omolade, to the effect that performing traditional rites had no relevance in the issue of Obaship in Egbaland.

Chief Onifade Ogundele, the Ojubona Onifa of Egbaland, Chief Ifagbeminiyi Attanda Baoku, the Oluwo-Ifa of Egbaland, and Chief Aregbesola Anipupo, the Oluwo Ifa of Ogun State, individually expressed their concerns and emphasized that such disrespectful comments could undermine the rich traditions and customs of Egbaland.

They accused the monarch of neglecting Egba traditions and customs associated with Obaship installations and rites.

The Ifa priests expressed their dismay over a viral video in which the Olubara claimed that the Ifa oracle had no role in the selection of traditional rulers in Egbaland.

They reminded the Olubara of the significant role Ifa oracle played in the selection of traditional rulers in Yoruba land, including his own ascension to the throne in Ireland.

The Ifa priests strongly refuted the claim made by the Olubara that traditionalists tamper with the body parts of deceased traditional rulers.

The priests questioned why a traditional ruler, who should be the custodian of culture and traditions, would seek to undermine them after being on the throne for 30 years.

They stressed that Obaship revolved around strict adherence to the customs and traditions of Yorubaland, adding that and no one, regardless of his or her religious beliefs, should disregard these traditional rites under the pretext of Christianity or Islam.

The Ifa priests warned that anyone who was uncomfortable with the traditions and customs relating to Obaship should step down from the throne, as they would not permit anyone to destroy their traditions and beliefs.

They also criticized the Speaker of the Ogun State House of Assembly, Olakunle Oluomo, for not verifying his claims that traditionalists mutilate the body parts of traditional rulers before burial.

The priests cautioned the speaker against undermining the long-standing traditions of Yorubaland through implementation of the new Ogun State Obaship Installations and Rites Law, emphasizing that Yorubas had been governing their towns and villages through traditional rulers long before the arrival of colonial masters who introduced foreign religions and beliefs.