Howard University Terminates Diddy’s Honorary Degree, Others Over Assault Video

June 8, 2024

Howard University in Washington DC has announced that it has revoked the honorary degree awarded to Sean Combs, also known as Diddy, following the surfacing of a video that the university considers a major breach of its core values.

A video emerged showing Diddy physically assaulting his former girlfriend, Casandra ‘Cassie’ Ventura, in a hotel hallway in 2016.

Diddy, who is reported to be a former Howard student, but left before graduating, received an honorary doctorate in 2014.

However, a statement on Howard University’s website on Friday revealed that the Board of Trustees voted unanimously to accept the return of the degree bestowed upon Diddy in 2014.

The statement partly reads: “The Howard University Board of Trustees voted unanimously today to accept the return by Mr. Sean Combs of the honorary degree conferred upon him in 2014.

“This acceptance revokes all honours and privileges associated with the degree.

“Accordingly, the Board has directed that his name be removed from all documents listing honorary degree recipients of Howard University.”

In addition to revoking the degree, the university will terminate a 2016 gift agreement with Combs, disband the scholarship programme established in his name, and return his $1 million contribution.

The statement added: “The Board has also directed the university administration to immediately take the following actions: terminate a 2016 gift agreement with Mr Combs, disband the scholarship programme in his name, return his $1 million contribution, and terminate a 2023 pledge agreement with the Sean Combs Foundation.

“No payments towards the $1 million pledge have been due or made by the Sean Combs Foundation as of this date; therefore, no funds are due to be returned under the 2023 pledge agreement.”

The university stated that Diddy was “deemed no longer worthy to hold the institution’s highest honour” as a result of his behaviour in the recently released video, which is “fundamentally incompatible with Howard University’s core values and beliefs.”

“The university is unwavering in its opposition to all acts of interpersonal violence.

“The board and university administration have no further comment on this matter,” it added.