Firm Moves to Revolutionise Healthcare Staffing in Nigeria through Technology

ProLocums, a healthcare staffing platform that aims to revolutionise and transform healthcare profession by matching expertise with availability has been launched.

The platform with strong focus on bridging the gap in the healthcare industry offers a wide range of opportunities for medical doctors, medical officers, dentists, pharmacists, midwives, optometrists, nurses, medical lab scientists, physiotherapists, veterinary doctors, auxiliary nurses, pharmacy technicians, and dental assistants.

Speaking during the virtual launch of the platform recently, the Chief Executive Officer of ProLocums, Feyi Adeyemi, said: “our platform is designed to empower healthcare professionals by providing them with convenient and efficient access to locum opportunities that align with their expertise and schedules.

“By offering a comprehensive platform that connects professionals with locum opportunities across the country, ProLocums aims to reduce unemployment and underemployment rates among healthcare practitioners.

“The platform’s connectivity extends beyond immediate communities, providing practitioners with the means to work in areas with the greatest need.”

According to Adeyemi, the platform’s user-friendly interface simplified the process of offering locums opportunities, thereby ensuring that healthcare professionals could focus on what they did best—providing exceptional care to patients.

“ProLocums is now open for registration to healthcare professionals and facilities across Nigeria. Powered by advanced algorithms, ProLocum’s platform swiftly matches healthcare professionals with positions that align with their qualifications and preferences”, he said.