Fasoranti Commends Tinubu’s Moves on Public Service Reforms

Afenifere Leader and Chairman of Afenifere Elders Caucus, Pa Reuben Fasoranti, has commended President Bola Tinubu for directing the full implementation of the Oronsaye Public Sector Reforms report.

Fasoranti spoke when he received Tinubu at his residence in Akure, the Ondo State capital, on Wednesday.

“It is an act of courage and sagacity for you to adopt the Oronsanye report as the basis to reform the public service. This is a welcome development,” Fasoranti said.

Fasoranti also urged Tinubu to restructure the country and enthrone true federalism to end the nation’s problem of double-digit inflation, foreign currency shortages, weak naira, and widespread insecurity, amongst other issues.

“You know that since the annulment of the June 12, 1993 presidential election, the Yoruba people, led by Afenifere, have been in the fore-front of the campaign for the restructuring of Nigeria,” the Afenifere said.

“It is now incumbent on you to address this issue of constitutional reforms with courage, fairness and determination. We know we cannot return to the past, but we have to seek a future where regional competitions would bring out the best in our country as it did during the first republic.

“We seek therefore a true federal republic that would reflect fiscal federalism. If derivation principle is good for oil, why is it not good for value-added tax for example?”, he queried.

Nigeria, Fasoranti said, needed to plan for eventualities, so that each region would not be overwhelmed by challenges.

“For the people of the South-West, restructuring also has a more pressing meaning,” he said.

“Today, Nigeria has a population of 200 million which would double in the next 25 years to 400 million. However, the South-West is facing an avalanche of migration from the other zones of the country to the extent that in 25 years’ time, if the current trend continues, the South-West would be home to 50 percent of the population of Nigeria.

“We need to plan for this eventuality on a regional scale. We need to be prepared so that our region would not be overwhelmed by imported challenges”, the elder statesman said.

He also urged Tinubu to seek institutional reforms that would strengthen Nigeria and make it safer and more prosperous.

“Try and balance the budget and execute capital projects that would create more employments. We thank you for welcoming the idea of state policing,” he added.

The elder statesman said Afenifere wanted each geo-political zone to have greater responsibilities for security, food production and infrastructural development.

“Since the removal of fuel subsidy, which was costing Nigeria 10 billion dollars yearly, the state governments have been receiving hefty allocations from the federation account,” he observed.

“Mr president should persuade the governors to allow this change of fortune for the states to reflect at the grassroots, so that life can be better for our people.

“They should not just buy rice and yams for the people. They should create employment, improve education and build new infrastructure.Today, life is truly challenging for most people and the state governments have an important role to play to transform the society.

“You have done well with trying to reposition our economy and reform the public service. We salute your courage in tackling many issues that have remained unresolved for many years”, Fasoranti said.

Responding, Tinubu said his government was aware of the challenges confronting Nigerians, assuring that his administration’s policies would bring positive solutions to the challenges.