Fashola Explores National Assembly’s Obligation to Back Presidential Agenda

Babatunde Fashola, former minister of Works and Housing, has emphasized the importance of the legislature aligning with the executive arm of government, asserting that such collaboration is essential for effective governance

In a speech delivered in Lagos on Friday, Fashola addressed the misconception of labelling the National Assembly as a “rubber stamp” for supporting the president’s initiatives.

He argued that those who perceived the legislature in this manner lacked a comprehensive understanding of its functions.

Fashola highlighted the strategic significance of political parties securing a majority in the legislature, explaining that it enabled them to seamlessly implement their agendas.

According to him, political parties made promises during campaigns, and having the majority in the legislature was crucial for translating those promises into actionable plans.

He debunked the notion of a “rubber stamp” legislature, citing examples such as the removal of fuel subsidies, where the majority’s approval aligned with the agenda voted for by the public.

Fashola emphasized the lawful nature of the majority’s agenda, in accordance with the laws of Nigeria.

The former Lagos governor underscored the primary roles of the legislators, emphasizing that they were elected to make laws, provide representation, and offer oversight.

He criticized instances where legislative actions, such as withholding the executive budget for seven months, hindered effective governance.

In conclusion, Fashola argued that the term “rubber stamp” was inappropriate if intended to ridicule the legislature, asserting that the pursuit of a majority by political parties was aimed at achieving their governance agendas.