Excitement as Calabar Port Receives New Refinery Component

There is excitement in the Petroleum Industry as Calabar Port came alive last weekend .

Reason: A Chinese cargo ship berths with A/Ibom refinery consignment

As a result, Calabar Port, situated in Cross River State, is roaring back to life, heralding a new era of economic activity as a result of berthing of the Chinese cargo ship.

The port, once bustling with trade, has received its first cargo from China, marking a significant milestone in the construction of a state-of-the-art refinery in Akwa Ibom State.

This development not only revitalizes Calabar Port, but also underscores the strategic importance of the region in the nation’s economic landscape.

According to a post, the arrival of the inaugural cargo has paved the way for increased trade and positions the port as a pivotal hub for future endeavours.

“As the construction of the refinery in Akwa Ibom State gains momentum, the revival of Calabar Port stands as a testament to the commitment towards infrastructure development and economic growth in the region,’ the post stated.

According to checks, there are two refinery projects expected to be located in Eket and Onna local government areas of the state.

One of the refineries is being promoted by BUA Group of companies while another refinery project has witnessed a ground breaking.

Source: BusinessDay