Crocodiles Electrocuted at Ife Resort Fire Incident

As fire incident breaks out at the crocodile sanctuary of Ife Resort, Ile-Ife, few crocodiles were reportedly electrocuted.

It was gathered that the fire outbreak which occurred on Monday night at the Ife Grand Resort was quickly put out by the Ife Zonal Fire Service.

Osun Fire Service on Tuesday, confirmed that what could have been a fatal incident was averted by the prompt intervention of personnel of the department in conjunction with the personnel of Obafemi Awolowo University’s fire department.

According to the fire service department spokesperson, Ibrahim Adekunle, the fire outbreak occurred at the crocodile sanctuary of the resort on Monday night.

The combined efforts of the men of Osun Fire Service and that of the Obafemi Awolowo University ensured that the fire was put out and adjoining structures protected, he said.

Few crocodiles were however electrocuted while others were saved”, Adekunle added.