CAMPAIGNS Coalition Canvasses Capital Punishment for Corrupt Practices

A political group, the Coalition of Pro-Democracy for A Better Nigeria says the nation needs capital punishment for corrupt public officers to join developed nations in the globe.

The National Coordinator of the coalition, Bamiji Awa, said this in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Saturday in Lagos against the backdrop of the International Anti-Corruption Day.

NAN reports that the International Day Against Corruption or International Anti-Corruption Day (IACD) is celebrated on Dec. 9, every year, to raise awareness among the general public on the impact of the prevailing malice in many countries.

Reacting, Awa said: “The fight against corruption must be total with capital punishments for the offenders, to discourage numerous others, if the nation is not ready to head for a financial crash or complete lockdown.

“Today, Nigeria is on lifeline, living under suffocating burden of debts, local and international, despite its natural endowment.

“Successful military juntas that took over the power since 1966 cited corruption as excuse and this is the fifth republic spanning over 24 years and yet, we can’t beat our chest to say corruption has been reduced today.

“The reason for the existence of Code of Conduct Bureau, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission) and the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission). I believe one day, we would get there.”

The activist said Nigerian public officers and politicians in various positions of authority must be religious about stamping out corruption.

“They (public officers) should fear God Almighty in their daily activities because there is always tomorrow and repercussion for our individual actions,” Awa said.

NAN reports that the IACD is to raise concern on the harmful effects of corruption on the progress, development and the society at large.

Corruption is such a malpractice that threatens the social and economic development of societies across the world, which is why this day aims to educate people on this crucial issue.