Brazil to Mobilize Million March for Èşu, Sets August 13 for National Walk

Brazil is set to host the groundbreaking “March for Exu” on Father’s Day, August 13, at Avenida Paulista in the State of São Paulo, paying tribute to Orisa Esu, a central figure in Afro-Brazilian and African religions.

The nationwide march is expected to draw millions of devoted participants to the heart of São Paulo city.

Jonathan Pires, the coordinator of the march, passionately expressed the necessity for a march honouring Esu, declaring, “If there can always be a march for Christ, there should also be a march for Esu.”

The organizers have specified the dress code for the million march for Esu, requiring attendees to don black and red attire and bring 1kg of non-perishable food.

The primary focus of the event is to dispel misconceptions about the Yoruba messenger deity, portraying Esu as distinct from Satan.

Jonathan Pires , the coordinator, asserted, “August 13th will be marked in our lives! We will write a new history, show the extent of our faith and the love that exists in our hearts for them; Exu is not Satan.”

In the Candomblé religion of Brazil, Esu holds immense significance as one of the most prominent Orisas, always being the first to receive offerings, songs, and prayers.

Esu is reverently greeted before all other Orisas, preceding every ceremony and event.

Esu enjoys profound reverence in all variations of African traditional religion across Brazil.