A boat carrying 100 people which includes women and children has been reportedly capsized in Niger State, Nigeria.

According to authorities and local residents, a boat transporting residents who were returning from a wedding ceremony overturned in northern Nigeria, resulting in the deaths of at least 100 people. The search for survivors has intensified.

The boat capsized in the early hours of Monday on the Niger River, near the neighbouring Niger state, as stated by Okasanmi Ajayi, a police spokesperson from the state of Kwara.

Ajayi commented, “Based on the information we have gathered, a boat capsized and approximately 100 individuals lost their lives.”

Usman Ibrahim, a resident, disclosed that the victims, including women and children, were returning from an overnight wedding celebration in the village of Egboti in Niger state. It remains uncertain if any survivors were found.

Ibrahim added, “The individuals on the boat intended to continue their journey to their respective communities after disembarking. The boat was carrying over 100 people when it sank.”

Due to the incident occurring at approximately 3 a.m., many of the victims drowned, and news of the tragedy did not reach others until several hours later. Ibrahim stated, “Even now, efforts are still underway to recover some of the deceased bodies.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, officials and locals were continuing their search for additional bodies in the river, which is one of Nigeria’s largest.

Boat accidents are frequently reported in numerous isolated communities throughout Nigeria, where locally crafted vessels are commonly used for transportation. Most accidents are attributed to overcrowding and the use of inadequately maintained boats.