Attacks, Deliberate Attempts to Eliminate Plateau People, says Mutfwang

Governor Caleb Mutfwang of Plateau State has voiced deep concern about the on-going violence in the region, asserting that it is a deliberate and calculated effort to eliminate the local population.

According to CITYNEWS NIGERIA, during a recent interview, Governor Mutfwang dismissed the notion that the conflict in Plateau State was simply a result of clashes between farmers and herders, stating that such an explanation lacked credibility.

Expressing deep sorrow, the governor revealed how innocent people had been brutally attacked and killed while they slept, contending that the acts of aggression were part of a well-organized plan to wipe out the populace.

Governor Mutfwang declared: “Regardless of the underlying motives, it is clear that widespread criminal activities are taking place. What we are witnessing here is a blatant case of genocide, a meticulously planned operation to reduce our population. While I appreciate the efforts of our security forces thus far, I believe they can do more by demonstrating greater empathy and mobilizing more effectively.”

He further added, “It is crucial to recognize that this is not just a conflict between farmers and herders, as it has traditionally been portrayed. This is a situation where innocent villagers are attacked in the darkness of the night while they sleep. We need to ask ourselves: Who are the individuals responsible for these atrocious acts? Where do they originate from? Who supports them, and who are the masterminds behind this insurgency?”

Governor Mutfwang expressed confidence in the intelligence that has been gathered, which was being shared with the security agencies.

He expressed optimism that significant progress could be achieved in overcoming the distressing phase with the recent changes in the country’s security arrangements.

It is important to note that over the past two weeks alone, more than 200 lives have been lost in Plateau State.