Arise News and It’s Mischief on Ojude Oba

June 20, 2024

Amidst the colourful celebration of Ojude Oba, a grave error which seems to be intentional occurred.

In a segment meant to highlight the diversity of Yoruba culture, Arise News aired a video of Igbo cultural dance instead of footage from Ojude Oba with an Igbo song.

The action was met with backlash from concerned and progressive Indigenous people of Yorubaland.

An X user @_callmebekky reacted “Time and time again, Arise News has shown that they are an outlet for division, commotion, and unprofessionalism,” tweeted one prominent commentator, echoing the sentiments of many who felt deeply offended by the intentional mix-up.

“To post a video of Igbo cultural dance in place of the just-concluded OJUDE OBA is clumsy and shows they’re a wing of Igbo propaganda.

It is intentional, provocative, and should be pushed back at them.”

It was seen in the viral video as news anchor, Jeniffer Olize’s tone of pronunciation and body language during the presentation chose to ignore a claim of mistake for which Arise News is yet to tender an apology.