Amotekun’s Impact on Security in Yorubaland: A Defining Force

By Adedoja Samuel Adesoji

In recent months, the Amotekun Corps, a regional security outfit established in by governments in South-West region, has emerged as a defining force in bolstering security across the southwestern states of Nigeria. Since its inception, Amotekun has been actively contributing to safeguarding lives and property, effectively addressing various security challenges in the region.

One notable area of impact is the fight against banditry and criminal activities along major highways and within local communities. Amotekun operatives have been instrumental in curtailing activities of criminal elements, thereby providing a visible and proactive security presence that has reassured residents.

Even, the biggest critics of the Amotekun security corps, can no longer deny its impact on security in the SW. It’s learnt that in some communities, distress calls are placed to Amotekun rather than the Nigerian Police.

The reasons for their success aren’t far-fetched. Community ownership, sense of belonging and local intelligence are majorly responsible.. Security is local, it is earned over time and not forced.

It will be disappointing if this government fails to completely decentralize the Nigerian police and allow states that can fund their security outfits do so. Doing the same thing for 65 years and expecting a different result is equivalent to insanity.

Arakurun Rotimi Akeredolu SAN on 6th JULY, 2022 said: “For me, state police is not for self-aggrandizement, it is a reality of the time. For us in the South and even in the North, I know so many of them that have come to accept that a single command of police is not good for this country. This country is too big.

“We will be more committed to protecting ourselves. By the time we have state police, we will be encouraged to recruit people in a local government to work in that local government as security (personnel).

“We will continue to make our voice heard everywhere. We are almost there. We are licking our wounds here over the June 5 attack in Owo. It is a serious wound. We will never forget.” He made a case for wherever we are today. May his soul rest in peace.

The corps has also played a crucial role in combating the menace of herdsmen attacks and farmer-herder conflicts. By leveraging local knowledge and collaboration with other security agencies, Amotekun has effectively intervened in situations that posed threats to peaceful co-existence and agricultural activities in Yorubaland.

Beyond traditional security concerns, Amotekun has been actively involved in addressing emerging threats such as cybercrime and ensuring safety of educational institutions. With a focus on intelligence gathering and community engagement, the corps has worked to prevent and respond to various forms of criminality.

The impact of Amotekun extends beyond its security operations. The establishment of the outfit has fostered a sense of community resilience and pride. Yoruba residents have increasingly felt a greater level of security, contributing to a conducive environment for economic activities and social interactions.

Despite its successes, Amotekun has faced challenges, including resource constraints and calls for increased collaboration with existing security agencies. However, on-going efforts to strengthen partnerships and enhance the capabilities of the outfit indicate a commitment to addressing these challenges.

As Amotekun continues to evolve, its impact on the security landscape of Yorubaland remains evident. The corps serves as a testament to the power of regional initiatives in addressing unique security concerns, reflecting the resilience and determination of the Yoruba to ensure the safety and well-being of their communities.