Amotekun-Herdsmen Clash Rocks Ondo State, Injuries Reported

July 6, 2024

Violent clash erupts in Ondo as Amotekun and herdsmen clash over anti-open grazing law, leaving several injured.

Incident halts traffic on Ado-Akure road.

In a tense confrontation in Sango, Igoba, Akure, operatives of the Ondo State Security Network Agency, Amotekun Corps, engaged in a violent clash with suspected herdsmen while enforcing the state’s stringent anti-open grazing law.

The incident unfolded when Amotekun responded to distress calls from local farmers reporting extensive damage to their crops by roaming cattle.

As the operatives attempted to move over 120 cows off the farmlands, they encountered armed Fulani herdsmen who allegedly attacked them with stones, bottles, cutlasses, and even firearms.

Despite efforts to peacefully resolve the situation, the clash escalated, leading to severe injuries among the Amotekun personnel.

The violence prompted a temporary blockage of the Ado-Akure road, causing significant disruption to vehicular movement for hours.

The assailants persisted in their assault, attempting to disarm the Amotekun officers amidst the chaos.

In response, the Amotekun team fired warning shots to disperse the attackers and regain control of the situation.

Jimoh Adeniken, Public Relations Officer of Amotekun Corps, affirmed the courage and determination displayed by the operatives in attempting to enforce the law, despite facing a violent assault.

The clash underscores on-going tensions surrounding the implementation of anti-open grazing laws in the region, which aim to curb conflicts between farmers and herders.