Alawo Chieftaincy Stool: How Deposed Monarch Forged 9 Documents to Secure Installation in Osun – CHRSJ

The crisis rocking the Alawo Chieftaincy Stool in Egbedore Local Government Area of Osun State took a new dimension recently as a human rights organization, Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) identified no fewer than nine documents forged by the deposed, and acclaimed new Alawo of Awo, Mr Adegboye Taiwo Abudulie/or Abdulrasaq.

The group disclosed that the said documents were ranging from selection documents, date of birth, school Certificates and a host of other documents, calling on the state government under the leadership of Governor Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke to institute a probe into these weighty allegations by setting up a judicial panel to probe the mindboggling indictment.

Raising this alarm on the rumours that the government of Ademola Adeleke was planning to hold coronation for deposed Adegboye in flagrant disobedience to Appeal Court Judgement that sacked Adegboye while the Appeal was still pending before the Supreme Court of Nigeria, advising the current Adeleke administration to wait on the subject of coronation till the apex court gives its verdict on the subject matter.

It stated that all these forged documents were contained in the particulars of credentials attached to Adegboye Taiwo Abdulrasaq’s Expression of Interest Form Number: 000000114, to fill the vacant stool of Alawo with the discrepancies on two fake and forged selection minutes with three different signatures and thumbprint impressions of the Head/Mogaji and Secretary of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo, and the two Covering Letters with Reference N0:ELG.396/T/28B, dated 24st August, 2020 and signed by one Mrs. Olabimtan F. Abiola, the Council Manager for Chairman Egbedore Local Government, Awo, having different signatures, characters and received stamps.

While submitting one Covering Letter with Selection Minutes attached to Osun State Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs and other Covering Letter with Selection Minutes as Exhibit B03, was presented to Osun State High Court, Ede Judicial Division in HED/26/2020 to get favourable judgement dated 17th day of September, 2020 and also, the Bond to Prosecute Appeal with Appeal N0:CA/AK/58/2021on Suit N0: HOS/84/2020 with another different signature of the Secretary, Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo.

Further stressed that the Affidavit of Statutory Declaration of Age dated 15th day of December,1999 deposed by one Rasheed Adegboye, the Senior Brother of Adegboye Taiwo, made from the Federal High Court, Osogbo Judicial Division, that Adegboye Taiwo was born on the 10th day of October,1980 and also having another date of birth embossed on the West Africa Examination Senior School Certificate (WAEC-SSCE) of June 2001 with Certificate Number: NGWASSCS2682561, claimed belonging to Adegboye Taiwo A. that he was also born on another date of 8th day of August,1979.

Meanwhile, the rights body had concluded arrangement to drag Adegboye Taiwo Abudulie/or Abdulrasaq before the security agencies including, Nigeria Police Force (NPF), Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC), and Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for thorough and credible investigation to unravel the forgery saga for the possible prosecution of the culprits.

Stating further that the identity of the owner of the Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo’s Notification of Results of National Diploma (ND) with Reference N0: SO1/MKT/2003/0354, awarded on 31st August, 2005 and obtained on 10th August, 2006 respectively and Higher National Diploma (HND) with Reference N0: SO1/ MKT/2003/0354, awarded on 31st July, 2008 and obtained on 14th of November, 2008 respectively and as well obtained Certificate of National Service of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC)
awarded on 19th November, 2008 with NYSC/RD/OWO/08/350353, where the Two(2) Polytechnic Notification of Results and NYSC Certificate bearing the names of Adegboye Taiwo Abudulie

While the National Diploma(ND) and Higher National Diploma(HND) awarded and obtained in three(3) years interval bearing the same Reference numbers and Adegboye Taiwo just knew that he was bearing Abdulrasaq not Abudulie again according to his claims in the Notification of Results and NYSC Certificate, when he wanted to contest for the stool of Alawo of Awo in Egbedore Local Government area of Osun State in the year 2020, adding that his acclaimed Change of Name did not make any bearing or add up on the subject matter.

In a signed Press Statement by the CHRSJ’s Assistant General Secretary (AGS), Pastor Michael Agassi and copies were made available to newsmen on Monday, maintained that Adegboye was being able to manipulate the process with these enormous forgery documents with the aid of Staff of Administration Department of Egbedore Local Government, Awo because he was Legislative Leader of the Council at the time, adding that the Local Government Staff who claimed to be an observers at the selection process without having any video clip to show where the family members of Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo, choose Adegboye Taiwo Abudulie/or Abdulrasaq as their candidate out of the two persons that obtained the Expression of Interest Forms to fill the vacant Stool.

Pastor Agassi added that the time of reckoning has come to ask about the yesteryear evil actions perpetrated by Adegboye, adding that Adegboye forged aforementioned documents out of desperation, with the sole aim of outsmarting his only legitimate contender from the same Abioye Ruling House/Compound, Awo, for the Stool of Alawo of Awo, in person of Comrade (Prince) Adeniyi Alimi Sulaiman, the Executive Chairman, Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ).

He accused the immediate past Governor of Osun State, Mr. Gboyega Oyetola and his Special Adviser on Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, Evangelist Rasaq Adeosun of being an accomplices of Adegboye Taiwo Abudulie /or Abdulrasaq by compromising the selection process thereby accepting the nine(9) forgery documents for this illegal appointment and subsequent installation in September 13th, 2021 upon receiving many letters from the stakeholders complaining of forgery scandal against deposed Adegboye Taiwo Abudulie/or Abdulrasaq on the subject matter to them, while holding forth in the State, but claiming that they accepted the forgery documents because Adegboye was member of the then ruling All Progressives Congress(APC) in Egbedore Local Government area of the State.

Agassi equally disclosed that Adegboye Taiwo Rasaq was illegally appointed and subsequently installed by former Governor Oyetola on September 13th, 2021 with obsolete, repealed, outdated and revoked 1957 Chieftaincy Declaration, instead of subsisting 1979 Alawo of Awo Chieftaincy Declaration in flagrant disobedience to Court Orders to all the parties to maintain ‘Status Quo’ in Suits HED/26/2020 and HOS/84/2020 respectively.

It would be recalled that the Appeal Court, Akure Judicial Division had earlier nullified the illegal selection/or election, appointment, approval and subsequent installation of Adegboye Taiwo Abudulie/or Abdulrasaq as new Alawo of Awo by Gboyega Oyetola’s Government in September 13th, 2021, through its landmark Judgement dated 8th day of August, 2022 by stopping Adegboye from wearing any insignia or parading himself as new Alawo henceforth.

The rights body, therefore, advised Adegboye Taiwo to honourably removed the thought of vying for the Stool with these enormous documentary forgery evidences by respecting the Appeal Court Judgement that earlier dethroned him from the Alawo Chieftaincy Stool and accept everything in good faith.