90 People Killed as Commercial Boat Capsizes

More than 90 people have died after a boat capsized off Mozambique’s northern coast on Sunday, authorities reported.

Those aboard the boat were fleeing a cholera outbreak and were travelling from Lunga to Mozambique Island, off the coast of Nampula, local media reported.

The fishing boat could accommodate a maximum of 100 people, a representative of the island administration told the STV television station.

However, there were around 130 people on board.

The AIM news agency, citing a representative of the maritime authority, reported that the ship was probably wrecked when it was hit by high waves.

Mozambique is currently affected by the largest cholera outbreak of the last 25 years, according to UN’s children’s relief organization UNICEF.

Since the outbreak began in September 2022, more than 37,000 cases have been reported.