2027: Politicians Plotting to Undermine Tinubu’s Support Base — Arewa group

April 27, 2024

The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum (AYCF) has expressed concern over efforts by self-seeking politicians to weaken President Tinubu’s support base for the 2027 re-election through interference in his cabinet.

AYCF President General, Yerima Shettima, while commending President Tinubu’s administration for its achievements, attributed the success to a dedicated team of ministers and officials who had contributed significantly to Nigeria’s progress.

Shettima said he observed that President Tinubu’s administration had seen a number of notable achievements and successes.

“First and foremost, Femi Gbajamiala, the Chief of Staff, has been instrumental in coordinating the President’s agenda and ensuring smooth communication and collaboration within the administration.

“His strategic leadership and organizational skills have streamlined decision-making processes and enhanced efficiency in governance. Gbajamiala’s professionalism and dedication make him a trusted advisor and confidant to President Tinubu.

“Yusuf Bicci, the Director-General of the State Security Service, has played a critical role in safeguarding national security and intelligence-gathering efforts.

“His expertise and experience in counter-terrorism and counter-intelligence operations have been instrumental in protecting the nation from internal and external threats. Bicci’s unwavering commitment to national security makes him a key asset to the President’s administration.

“Nyeson Wike, the FCT Minister, has been instrumental in the development and improvement of infrastructure in the Federal Capital Territory. His innovative projects and policies have transformed the FCT into a modern and dynamic city, attracting investments and creating opportunities for its residents. Wike’s commitment to excellence and his ability to deliver results make him a valuable asset to the Tinubu administration.

“Hon. Olubunmi Tunji Ojo, the Minister of Interior, has been leading efforts to improve security and law enforcement in the country. His initiatives have led to a significant decrease in crime rates and enhanced the safety and well-being of Nigerian citizens. Ojo’s dedication to protecting the nation and upholding the rule of law make him a key player in President Tinubu’s cabinet.

“Festus Keyamo, the Minister of Aviation, has been driving reforms and modernization efforts in the aviation sector. His initiatives have enhanced safety standards, improved infrastructure, and promoted efficiency in air travel. Keyamo’s vision for a world-class aviation industry in Nigeria has positioned the country as a regional hub for air transportation. His leadership and innovation make him a key player in President Tinubu’s administration,” Shettima said.

“Abubakar Bagudu, the Minister of Budget, has been instrumental in managing the nation’s finances and ensuring fiscal responsibility. His strategic planning and budgeting skills have helped steer the country towards economic stability and growth. Bagudu’s prudent financial management has earned him respect and admiration within the administration,” Shettima said.

He said the Minister of State for Defence, Bello Matawalle, had been pivotal in strengthening the nation’s security and military capabilities, adding that his leadership and proactive measures had led to significant gains in the fight against terrorism and insurgency.

“Matawalle’s unwavering commitment to protecting the nation’s sovereignty and safeguarding its citizens make him an invaluable member of the President’s team” the group added.

He further noted that while these ministers and officials had achieved remarkable success in their respective roles, it was important for President Tinubu to remain vigilant and cautious against the machinations of self-seeking politicians.

“We are in possession of credible classified information that President Tinubu’s political adversaries both outside and entrenched deep inside the presidency are trying to undermine him by targeting his key allies and supporters. In the run-up to the 2027 reelection, it is imperative that President Tinubu does not fall for the trap of those who seek to weaken his support base and destabilize his administration,” he said.

Shettima pointed out that it was crucial for President Tinubu to recognize the value and contributions of particularly these targeted ministers and officials, and to continue to build on the solid foundation that they had helped to create.

“Their dedication, leadership, and expertise have been instrumental in driving the country’s progress and development, and in advancing the President’s agenda.

“As the 2027 reelection approaches, it is imperative for President Tinubu to remain vigilant against those who seek to weaken his support base, and to continue to rely on the talented and dedicated team of individuals who have been crucial in his administration’s success.

“By maintaining strong relationships with his key supporters and allies, President Tinubu can ensure that his administration remains strong and united in the face of political challenges and adversity,” he added.