Why I Founded Yoruba Party in UK – Oni

July 10, 2024

A Nigerian of Yoruba extraction, Dr. Olusola Oni, has revealed the reasons behind the formation and registration of Yoruba Party in the United Kingdom.

According to Dr. Oni,
“the YPUK wants the British public to know that we did not cede the Yoruba country to Britain and Britain had no jurisdiction; that Britain stole our sovereignty in the act of Amalgamation of 1914…”

Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party (UKIP), he noted, had demonstrated what a small party could achieve without having a parliamentary majority.

UKIP showed how a small party could change the course of the British nation, Dr. Oni said.

He contended that UKIP’s campaign was successful because it was focused solely on restoring Britain’s sovereignty, adding that the UK left the EU to regain its sovereignty.

Brexit, Dr. Oni argued, was all about sovereignty; while European and American support for Israel was all about sovereignty, Israel’s sovereignty, saying “Sovereignty sells. YorubExit, like Brexit, is all about sovereignty.”

“The question is how we Yoruba could play this sovereignty card, and make the people of Britain support Yoruba sovereignty.

“To achieve this requires that the Yoruba have a direct political voice at Westminster.

“On 13 February 2024, I founded the Yoruba Party in the UK (YPUK), and registered it with the Electoral Commission in London. I founded the YPUK to encourage, energise and assist Yoruba people domiciled in the United Kingdom to achieve their full potential as individuals and as a group, and to encourage and assist them to contribute their all to the political and socio-economic life, and the development and growth of the UK.

“By active participation in UK life, YPUK means
standing candidates in local and parliamentary elections in the UK”, Dr. Oni explained.

“Changing the negative perception of the UK public of black Britons.

Showcasing the Yoruba culture and tradition to the UK public.

Advertising ancient and modern Yoruba achievements in the UK.

Campaigning for and publicising worldwide, the Yoruba cause whatever that might be”, he added.

The Yoruba nationalist maintained that the YPUK had created a brand, a known entity, which the community could identify with and relate to.

“The YPUK shows commitment different from the usual stereotypes that the British have of black people.

“Best of all, YPUK gives the Yoruba access to electoral power in the UK.

“The YPUK wants the British public to know about the Yoruba Nation: that we had our own independent country, which signed a treaty of friendship and trade with Queen Victoria’s Britain in 1888; that we did not cede the Yoruba country to Britain and Britain had no jurisdiction; that Britain stole our sovereignty in the act of Amalgamation of 1914; that we want our sovereignty back, and are entitled to have it back, just like Britain got its sovereignty back from Europe in the act of Brexit.

“Our first test is the parliamentary elections that the Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, is likely to call as early as July 2024.

“YPUK intends to have candidates for that election. If you are interested in standing for that election, please contact us for an election pack.

” Those who do not wish to stand for election could support us with donations – paypal.me/YorubaParty; please include with your donation, your name, and phone number”, he said.