TikTok Bans account of Content Ceator Embarking on 24-hr Challenge of Being Buried Alive

9th May 2024

TikTok has banned the content creator Young C with an account Youngcentertainmnet on his device after streaming live content being buried alive for 24 hours.

Young C, has spent 24 hours buried alive in a coffin as part of a daring challenge.

He said he appreciated his viewers for his support and that they should follow his newly created TikTok account.

He said “Hello guys I am finally out, thank you for your support after being buried alive for twenty-four hours, I just got to know that my previous account has been brought down. Please follow my new account so I can get up to one thousand followers. He advises people not to replicate what he did.

Young C began the challenge on Wednesday, aiming to be buried alive for 24 hours.

He had earlier shared a video to debunk any suspicions of a hoax and announced plans to livestream his experience from the coffin at night.

He shared a video from inside the coffin, demonstrating that his camera and light were still operational, and expressed his unwavering determination to successfully complete the challenge.

Credit: TikTok // youngcentertainment2