Tapswap: 5 Things to Know About Telegram Game Nigerians Are Tapping

24th May 2024

Tapswap, a viral Telegram-based crypto-mining game, is trending across social media as Nigerians eagerly tap their phones to earn money.

This project allows users to mine Tap tokens through a fun and game-like interface.

Here are, however, 5 things you need to know about the game:

Earning Tap Tokens

TapSwap coin mining enables users to earn Tap tokens by engaging with the TapSwap Telegram bot. Unlike traditional mining, which requires expensive hardware and technical know-how, TapSwap simplifies the process. Users can start mining by simply tapping an icon within the Telegram bot interface.

User-Friendly Mining

TapSwap offers a unique approach to crypto mining that doesn’t necessitate advanced technical skills or costly equipment. This accessibility has contributed to its widespread popularity, particularly among those new to cryptocurrency.

Social Features

The game leverages Telegram’s social capabilities, allowing players to compete against friends, share their scores, and challenge one another. This social interaction adds a layer of engagement and competition, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Project Overview
According to its official Twitter account, TapSwap is a Solana-based crypto exchange known for its low fees, high throughput, and exciting features such as staking and margin trading. This robust foundation underpins the TapSwap mining game, offering users additional avenues for participation in the crypto ecosystem.

Popularity and Concerns
The project has gained significant traction in Nigeria, with lots of Nigerians participating in the mining process. However, the app’s legitimacy has been questioned, with concerns raised about its data collection practices and lack of operational transparency.