Six Ways to Prevent Termite Infestation in the Home

Termites belong to a category of eusocial insects that primarily feed on decomposing plant matter, including wood, paper and soil organic matter.

Their distinctive features include a bead-like antenna. They exhibit a eusocial social structure, organized into castes including workers, soldiers, and reproductive individuals, which is a notable feature not found in all other insect species. They have soft bodies, unlike ants that often have a harder exoskeleton. This softness is particularly evident in the worker caste.

Are you concerned about termite damage?

If so, you’re in good company. Termites are actually responsible for billions of Naira in structural damage annually.

Well, that’s not for you to worry about. Is it? No. I’m here to provide you with at least 6 tips that can help you prevent termites from infesting your house.

1.Elevate Wood: To prevent termite attacks, avoid situations where wood parts of your building touch the soil. Termites thrive when they have easy access to wood and moisture.

  1. Good Ventilation: It’s important to have effective ventilation in crawl spaces and attics, ensuring proper airflow to minimize moisture accumulation. Termites are drawn to humid conditions, so reducing dampness is paramount.
  2. Eliminate Excess Moisture: Excess moisture serves as a primary attraction for various pests, including termites, in your home. Removing this excess moisture is not key to keeping only termites away, but some others.
  3. Apply Borate to Wood Before Priming or Painting: Borate serves as a widely used termite repellent. You can apply borate to wood surfaces before priming and painting. It permeates the wood, effectively deterring termites from damaging it.

5.Clear Wood Debris Promptly: Ensure swift removal of dead trees, tree stumps, and any wood debris from your premises. Yes, it is very important so you don’t bring maggots home and start questioning the visitation of the flies.

  1. Fix Leaks: Be vigilant about any leaks within your home. Damaged roofs and walls with excess moisture provide ideal conditions for termites. Repair and seal any leaks as soon as you notice.