“Preserving Heritage: A Warning Against Trading Land for Spirituality in Yoruba Culture”

My Yoruba brothers and sisters. Yoruba nationalists are not against your right to be a Christian, Muslim or free thinker. The point of emphasis is that any form of spirituality that will make you trade your land and birthright is dangerous. God in heaven will never ask you to trade your ancestral lands in exchange for passage to paradise. Those who convince you to do such are expansionists trying to use religion for conquest.

This is Samuel Ajayi Crowther. He was deceived into believing that brotherhood comes from religion, white missionaries gave him a new name and identity, elevated him to the position of Bishop of West Africa. It was Ajayi Crowther who convinced Queen Victoria to send ships to invade Lagos and annex it into the British estate in 1851. From Lagos, the British invaded and conquered all the estates of the Niger and Benue.

After they got what they wanted, Ajayi Crowther was used and dumped. The reason was claimed to be the concept of the Darwin theory. A Black man cannot be a Bishop over white people in the colonies about to be created in West Africa. He was removed as Bishop and disgraced, he died a broken man… after he was used to conquer his lands by aliens and to bastardize his ancestral heritage.

Solagberu of Oke Suna was turbaned shortly before Alimi invaded Afonja’s Palace. Afonja was smoked out, killed with many arrows and burnt into ashes… Last hours before his death, he sent a message to Solagberu, the only man who could have saved him if he had come from Oke Suna to defend him with his warriors. Solagberu refused. He believed his loyalty to Alimi as a fellow Muslim was more important than his loyalty to his Yoruba kinsman.

Toyeje, the Bale of Ogbomoso and new Kakanfo, upset with the murder of Afonja declared war on Ilorin and marched a large army to meet the Emir’s army at a palace called Ogele. Alimi reached out to Solagberu, the most powerful warlord at Ilorin to protect the city… Solagberu intercepted Toyeje and fought him back at the battle of Ogele.

When the services of Solagberu were not needed anymore, Emir Abdulsalm son of Shehu Alimi ordered an invasion of his estate at Oke Suna… he was forced to surrender and openly executed like a common criminal.

To You a Yoruba citizen, if you don’t stand with your people for any reason, even if such is based on religion, you will always end in disgrace…. Mecca is the home of Islam… a muslin who overstays his visa in Saudi will be punished that should tell you all you need to know that nationhood is more important than religion on earth. The Saudi is first a citizen before a Muslim.