Peace Advocates Applaud Armed Forces’ Resilience Against Bandits, insurgents’Armour

In the face of relentless military onslaught, bandits and insurgents are displaying signs of desperation, a stance attributed to the increasing might of the Armed Forces of Nigeria, the Nigeria Peace Advocates said.

Addressing journalists on Sunday, the Secretary of NPA, Bernard Udu, urged Nigerians to maintain their unwavering support and offer prayers for the Armed Forces, while commending the Chief of Defence Staff, General Christopher Gwabin Musa, and his valiant troops for their efforts to safeguard the nation.

Udu added that bandits and terrorists are feeling the intensified heat of military operations taking place throughout the country, leading to their heightened desperation.

“No matter the level of their desperation, Nigerians are solidly behind the Armed Forces of Nigeria under the leadership of Gen. C. G. Musa.

“We must stand behind our troops who continue to make sacrifices for the peace and stability of our country. We must not give in to those whose actions were inimical to peace and development,” he said.

While affirming that the nation stands united and hopeful that a brighter future lied ahead, even in the midst of challenging times, he expressed deep sorrow for the recent loss of soldiers who were attacked while responding to a distress call in Chukuba community, Shiroro Local Council Area of Niger State.

The soldiers were said to have been ambushed by bandits while a Nigerian Air Force helicopter also crashed, it was reported.

“Our condolences to the CDS, the AFN and the families of the deceased personnel. Nigerians are behind you. We stand in hope that very soon, there will be light at the end of the tunnel,” Udu added.

Source: The Punch.