My Fans Don’t Like Me Speaking English in Skits – Goroso Ekiti

A comedian and skit maker, Olamilekan Owolabi, popularly known as Goroso Ekiti, has 381,000 followers on Instagram. He tells FAITH AJAYI about his career as a content creator.

How did you begin your journey as a content creator?

It all started when I was in 400 level in the university, although I had always been a jovial person right from my secondary school days. That was how I got the name, ‘Goroso’, which means a tall, dark and slim man.

I recall that I was just having fun as a content creator when I was in my final year at the Ekiti State University. I used the big-mouth Snapchat filter, and I never knew people would like it. Because of the reception it got, a friend then advised me to create social media pages, and start posting my skits there. That was how the journey started for me.

At what point did you decide to take it more seriously?

The day I made my first comedy skit, I never knew it would go viral. I did not even take it seriously. I posted it on my WhatsApp status, and people laughed and shared the video. I got similar feedback with the second and third skits, and ever since, inspiration has been coming from things that happen around me. I also create some contents based on imagination

Before the final cut of the video is posted on social media, what is the creative process you go through, from when you had the idea?

Many times, I get inspiration from WhatsApp memes, my imagination, and the things that happen in society. I don’t even write scripts. For example, I could recreate content that was made by another skit maker in English, then use my dialect to ‘package’ it.

Most of your skits are done in Yoruba language, why is that?

I think the uniqueness of my style lies in the fact that it is in Yoruba language. There was a time I tried using English and pidgin in my skits, but I got a lot of negative comments from my fans. They did not like it. They said they liked my content because of the Yoruba I speak in them.

How do you break the language barrier with your fans?

Most of my followers are Yoruba people. They basically love what I do because of the language I speak, though sometimes I insert English into the content to engender better understanding for those who do not understand Yoruba.

In what way does your upbringing impact on your craft as a content creator?

My parents are very social and jovial. My dad was a very funny man, and I basically took after him. I also learnt ‘deep’ Yoruba words and slangs from him.

What makes your content different from others in the saturated world of content creation?

I have got a lot of positive comments from people, saying they love my content because of my accent and intonation when I speak. They like the way I speak Yoruba.

Tell us about your family and educational background.

I grew up in a religious home. My dad was a church reverend, while my mum was the choir mistress. Both of them were civil servants. I attended what I consider to be one of the best secondary schools in Ekiti State− Government Science College Emure. I also bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Science from the Ekiti State University, Ado Ekiti.

When you started, what significant support did you get?

When I started, I got financial support from some of my fans in the United Kingdom. I am also lucky to enjoy the support of my parents and siblings. They have always been there for me.

What was your family’s reaction when you started as a content creator?

My parents did not believe I could ever become famous for doing comedy skits. Initially, my dream was to become a farmer, and that was why I studied Animal Science. However, I am happy to be where I am today.

Who are the people that inspired you to become a content creator?

Lasisi Elenu has always been my favourite skit maker. I like the way he creates his content.

What were some of the challenges you faced in the early days of you career?

One major challenge I faced was the issue of balancing my studies and skit-making. Needless to say, it was not easy at all.

How were you able to deal with those challenges?

Making skits is one of my favourite things to do, and it makes me happy. From the onset, I made sure I was not doing it to get followers. It had to be for a purpose. I did not take skit-making seriously when I was in school, because I had to put my studies first in order to graduate with good grades and make my parents proud. To God be the glory, I finished with a second-class upper grade.

What particular content shot you to the limelight?

I have always been jovial, right from my secondary school days. I usually cracked jokes during extracurricular activities in secondary school.

Meanwhile, since I had been watching comedy skits, I had never seen anyone done in Ekiti dialect. That was how I decided to try it out with my first skit. I then became popular because of the uniqueness of the Ekiti dialect used in my contents.

How do you deal with criticism from people?

I don’t get criticism from people. The people that interact with my content are those who love what I do. If out of 5,000 people that love my content, only one person says something different, that would not get to me, because I know most people love what I do. That is what matters to me.

What are some of the things you look out for before advertising any brand?

I take my time to find out about the products I want to advertise. I also engage them to find out how legitimate they are. I also consider top Influencers that have worked with them before I take on any job.

What do you consider to be the highlights of your career?

There was a time I met a former Governor of Ekiti state, Kayode Fayemi. Someone posted one of my skits on the government’s WhatsApp platform, so the governor saw the video and asked them to find me and bring me to his office. The governor expressed how proud he was of what I was doing. He also advised me to continue. I was so happy, and it remains a day I will never forget.

Aside from content creation, what are your other interests?

I am also a drummer. I had been playing the talking drum and other drums sets right from childhood. I love entertainment generally. I never knew I would become a comedian someday. Perhaps, I would have studied theatre arts.

What are some of the opportunities content creation has given you?

I have been able to meet a lot of celebrities. I have also travelled to different places in Nigeria.

In the course of your career, have you made any decision that you regret?

No. God has not allowed me to make any decision that I regret. By God’s grace, I won’t make any decision I would regret.

What advice would you give to young people who look up to you?

I would advise that they keep doing what they love doing best and be consistent. They should also be prayerful.

How do you like to dress?

I like to dress comfortably and look very simple. The most important thing is that I always make sure I look good.

What is your favourite meal?

As an Ekiti boy, I love pounded yam and efo riro (vegetables).

How do you unwind?

I hang out with friends, and I like travelling.