Jubilation as Benue Workers Receive Salary

The Benue State government has paid its civil servants salaries, the first in seven months.

Confirming the development to The Cable, Tersoo Kula, chief press secretary to the state governor, said workers were paid their salaries for the month of May on Sunday, adding that June salary would also be paid soon.

“The previous administration was owing salaries for several months. Workers in the state have not received any salary this year. Even though it’s the previous administration that owes the money, the governor understands that the civil servants worked for this money,” he said.

“Once we pay for June, we will look at the papers, so we can come up with what to do about the other months owed”, Kula said.

Speaking during a state broadcast to commemorate Democracy Day, Hyacinth Alia, governor of the state, had promised to commence payment of salaries to state civil servants beginning from June 25.

“Good people of Benue, we are aware of the sufferings and hardships of our people especially civil servants and retirees due to non-payment of their salaries, pensions and gratuities,” he had said.

“We call for your patience and understanding as we are working hard to address these problems. Indeed, as of the 25th of this month, civil servants should start expecting alerts for their payments”, the governor said.