Itsekiri Communities Threaten Fresh Shutdown of Chevron Facilities Over ‘Failed’ Promises

The VTP5/OTP2 and VTP6 graduates reportedly went through the recruitment process completing their 1-year Ogere training programme.

The NDIOPC, in the separate letters authored by Raymond Aderejor, Eyeolusan Arubi, Bawo Remere, Austin Dorsu, Alfred Jemine, Kingsley Omamogho, Taiye Alakowe, Freeborn Ododo, Oritseje Oporukun and Tony Oweghoro, recalled how some notable personalities such as Weyinmi Okorodudu, Mr. Momodu Releand, and former Delta State Commissioner for Oil and Gas, Prince Emmanuel Amgbaduba, intervened at various stages of their protest and made several promises, “that were not done till this moment, more especially with regards to light and water for our communities.”

While alleging that the only means CNL uses in recruiting people from the host communities “has been halted by the company for several years now”, NDIOPC, queried the rationale behind classifying the “South Africa set, VTP1, VTP2/OTP1, VTP3, and VTP4 as employees of Chevron after their training, yet their counterparts in VTP5/OTP2 and VTP6, are pegged as perpetual Trainees/Support Production Technicians for more than a decade now, as against the principle of the programme.”

They noted: “To soften the minds of our people in the various Itsekiri Communities, promises were made by the government of Delta State, in-line with the demands of the protesting Communities, which include water-projects, electrification and health facilities of the communities and job opportunities for indigenes of the various Communities.

“The government of Delta State as an intervening mediator, mutually took responsibility to fix the light and water project for the respective communities while your Company (Chevron Nigeria Limited) promised to provide job opportunities and strengthen contractual relationships with indigenous contractors, such as awarding them supply and other necessaries.

“In respecting the mutual agreement and the promises by the Delta State Government, the protesters vacated your facilities occupied by them to give room for those promises to be executed, but surprisingly more than one year after those mutual agreement and promises, none of them were carried out as the situation of the communities under your (Chevron) area of operation within the Itsekiri Communities, is worse compared to before.

“The water and light project promised and undertaken by the government of Delta State, was not done or attempted in communities such as Uso, Saghara, Eghoro, Ureju, Deghele and Bateren Communities. It is material to our Complaint to state further that those communities are still suffering from lack of these facilities, while your Company (Chevron) operation within the respective fields continue to destroy the ecology of our communities.

“The water project that was commenced in Obaghoro and Ebrohimi Communities, are not consumable as the water is bad and life threatening, because the contractor that was contracted to do the job, did a very bad job, while the government authority is careless about the health of the indigenes of both communities.

“Other Communities like Tebu, Gbokoda, Ajamintan, Udo and Jakpa, did not have the water project attempted or executed in their area; it either it’s half done or not attempted at all as the water is not flowing in any of these communities. Indigenes of the communities that were employed by your Company (Chevron) for over 16 years now, are still contract staff, while people from other geo-political areas of the country are being made permanent staff of your Company every now and then.”