Iba Gani Adams Advocates Regionalism as Solution to Nigeria’s Challenges

Iba Gani Abiodun Adams, the Aare-Ona-Kakanfo of Yorubaland, has posited that regionalism stands as the optimal approach to addressing Nigeria’s prevailing issues.

Adams asserted that a crucial prerequisite for Nigeria’s revival involved rectifying fundamental and structural imbalances within the nation.

Speaking on Friday at the culmination of the 2023 Osun Osogbo Festival in Osogbo, Osun State, Adams underscored the nation’s journey through trying times, grappling with a range of challenges.

However, he highlighted the necessity for a thorough purification of the political environment.

“Nigeria must transcend primal biases and ethnic politics,” he remarked, adding “The imperative lies in overhauling the governmental structure and system. The newly inaugurated administration should forge a new path by adopting regionalism as a solution to secure Nigeria’s future.”

Adams elucidated his standpoint on regionalism, grounding it in the concept of allowing the federating units to evolve at their individual paces.

He elaborated: “Effective democracy blossoms within a nation where the majority holds the means to shape their lives’ quality. Democracy thrives when leaders prioritize the collective welfare of the people over personal interests.

“Such an approach fosters unity, peace, and serenity in the nation. Conversely, in situations marked by enduring hardships encompassing economic, social, and political strains, as well as insecurity, the very purpose of governance becomes undermined.”