I Will Make FIRS Data-driven, Signposted by Merit —Adedeji

The Acting Executive Chairman of the Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS), Dr Zacch Adedeji, has urged the agency’s staff to align with his vision of making the revenue body one that relies on data accuracy for operations and emphasises merit as a guiding principle.

Adedeji also emphasised that the FIRS, under his leadership, “will establish and uphold the highest standards of transparency and accountability.”

He stated that a data-driven system, enabling predictable revenue targets, was crucial to realising the government’s fiscal projections for economic development.

The chairman made these remarks on Monday during a familiarisation visit to the FIRS office in Ikoyi, Lagos, where he met with top management staff.

The purpose of the meeting was to gather first-hand information from field officers, address their challenges, and align their contributions with his strategic action plan for the agency.

“We can be flexible in many aspects, but what we cannot compromise on for success are data and merit. There’s no fiscal discipline without accurate revenue prediction.

“If you plan to spend N10 and exercise discipline in spending it, that N10 must be accounted for somewhere.

“We have an ambitious vision of accelerating revenue collection and achieving an 18% tax-to-GDP ratio in the next three years to ensure financial sustainability and reduce the nation’s reliance on borrowing.

“This aligns with FIRS’s vision of making taxation the cornerstone of national development.

“My vision for the future of FIRS is built on efficient service delivery, transparency, and innovation. It’s crucial to remember that our primary mission is to serve the people of Nigeria, and we’ll do so with a renewed commitment to service excellence.

“Every Nigerian taxpayer and other stakeholders deserve to encounter efficient and courteous service when dealing with us.

*We’ll work on simplifying our processes, reducing bureaucratic hurdles, and enhancing customer service at every level.

“I understand that trust is fundamental in tax administration and will strive to build a culture of transparency and accountability.”

The FIRS chairman commended the agency’s staff for their dedication to duty, urging them to redouble their efforts to achieve revenue targets.

“I’d like to acknowledge the tremendous work done by the dedicated staff of the service.

“Your dedication to duty, professionalism, and hard work have been pivotal in ensuring the financial stability of our great nation.

“It’s also important to emphasise that FIRS, under my leadership, will not tolerate any acts of indiscipline and corruption by staff.

“Unauthorised release of official or taxpayers’ information, spreading rumours, mischievous distortion of facts, absenteeism, and other acts of misconduct will not be tolerated”, he warned.