How Odukoya ‘Opened His Wound to Me’ -Ashimolowo

The Senior Pastor of Kingsway International Christian Centre, Matthew Ashimolowo, has revealed that the late founding Pastor of Fountain of Life Church, Ilupeju, Lagos State, Daniel Taiwo Odukoya, “opened his wound” to him.

The Fountain of Life Church announced on Tuesday that he passed on in the United States of America on Monday.

His death came after he suffered a string of losses himself.

He lost his first and second wives, Bimbo and Monthi; and his twin sister, Kehinde.

Writing his tribute on his Instagram page on Friday, Ashimolowo said Odukoya opened his wound to him, but he felt he needed to introduce him to an older prophet.

He wrote: “One of the most profoundly humble, focused and graceful men to come out of Nigeria has gone.

“Twenty five years ago I was invited to speak for the Odukoyas.

“A great husband and wife team.

“Each unique in their way.

“That invitation was to be the beginning of quality connections.

“Looking back, I believe the likes of Pastor Taiwo are rare: buried the first and subsequent wife.

“Handle the passage of his twin sister.

“Yet standing tall.

“He opened his wound, I prayed, but I felt I should introduce an older prophet who could walk the lonesome valley with him.

“When I think of Pastor Taiwo, I can only remember a gentleman, a holy man, a father, brother, friend and man of God.

“I called him severally. his laughter veiled his valley of shadow.

“He seemed to sing:

“’And I near the open portals of the kingdom above,

“’While each day my joy is deeper, and the path grows more bright.

“’For this highway leads to heaven, to the kingdom of love.’

“Enter into your father’s bosom.

“Good night my brother.”

Matthew Ashimolowo

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