Agro Firm Launches Software to Boost Farming

An agrotech company, Farm Monitor Africa, has announced the launch of software that will help farmers to boost production by providing real-time data on weather conditions and connecting farmers to markets and buyers.

The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Daniel Udeme-Joseph, disclosed this in a statement made available to The PUNCH on Wednesday.

He noted that the idea of the software was borne out of the need to address the challenge of productivity and profitability that has been the bane of the development of the agricultural industry.

His words: “In today’s rapidly evolving agricultural landscape, leveraging advanced technology is imperative to bolster farm yield and performance and also properly monitor and evaluate financial investments in agriculture. Innovations in ag-tech offer invaluable tools for precision farming, enabling farmers to optimize resources, monitor crop health, and implement data-driven strategies.

“Farm Monitor is specifically designed to address the critical challenges of productivity and profitability that have long plagued the agricultural industry. It empowers Farmers, Farmer’s Associations, Farm Financiers, Development Partners, Financial Institutions, NGOs/INGOs, Input Producers, Agricultural Researchers, and Extension Agents to track, manage, monitor, measure, and improve farm performance and productivity.”

Udeme-Joseph noted that the Farm Monitor application possesses features that would help farmers to get data-driven insights, enhance financial management, connect farmers with the market and provide agricultural knowledge to farmers.

“Farm Monitor provides real-time data on weather conditions, soil health, pest and disease management, and crop performance. This data enables farmers to make informed decisions and optimize their farming practices.

“The software offers robust financial tools for farm financiers and farmers to manage budgets, track expenses, and access financial resources, fostering financial sustainability, connecting farmers to markets and buyers, promoting fair trade and reducing market inefficiencies.

“For Agricultural Researchers and Extension Agents, the platform facilitates knowledge sharing, research collaboration, and extension services, enabling the dissemination of best practices and Farmer’s Associations and NGOs/INGOs can use Farm Monitor to strengthen their communities by organizing events, training sessions, and outreach programs”, he concluded.