40 Women Die daily of Breast Cancer in Nigeria — BRECAN

In Nigeria, approximately 40 women die from breast cancer everyday, according to Tolu Taiwo, the National President of the Breast Cancer Association of Nigeria (BRECAN).

She found this situation alarming and had called on the Nigerian government to declare cancer a national health priority.

Taiwo made these remarks during a sensitisation event for girls attending the Jide Adesina female basketball tournament 2.0, organised by the HOSEC foundation to commemorate the 2023 International Day of the Girl-Child.

The event took place at the Lekan Salami Stadium, Adamasingba in Ibadan.

She expressed her concern about the high incidence of breast cancer and cervical cancer among Nigerian women, attributing many deaths to ignorance and misinformation.

She also pointed out that more teenage girls a
were developing lumps in their breasts.

To address this issue, Taiwo emphasised the need for cancer education for female children, especially those in secondary schools.

She stressed that breast cancer was the deadliest cancer for women, adding that the mortality rate was becoming increasingly alarming.

The government’s attention to making cancer a national health priority was urgently needed, the BRECAN president said.

Taiwo urged young girls to be proactive about their breast health, emphasising that they were not too young to be aware of it.

Early awareness and education, she maintained, were essential, as teenagers now experience breast lumps.

Taiwo encouraged girls to speak with their parents and healthcare professionals if they noticed anything abnormal in their breasts.

The event’s Chief Executive Officer, Mrs. Ibukunoluwa Otesile, highlighted the vulnerability of female children to abuse and sexual exploitation, emphasising the importance of providing them with protection and special attention.

She also stressed the role of sports, such as basketball, as a means of empowering and engaging the target audience.

The basketball competition involved 42 girls from secondary schools and female basketball teams in Oyo State.

The winning team received a trophy and cash awards.

Otesile called for government investment in grassroots basketball to develop a pool of talented players for various competitions.

She also urged government entities, corporate organisations, and individuals to sponsor female basketball competitions to encourage greater female participation in the sport.

Jide Adesina, the board chairman of HOSEC Foundation, echoed the need for the empowerment and advancement of female youths for societal development.