Zimbabwe Authorities Detain Nigerian Journalist, David Hundeyin, Cite Visa Issues

A Nigerian investigative journalist and activist, David Hundeyin, has been detained by the Zimbabwe government at the Harare Airport.

Hundeyin was detained inside “a smelly locked room for nearly seven hours” according to an account the journalist by himself shared on his Twitter.

According to him, the Zimbabwe government claimed that Hundeyin needed a visa to be in the country.

The journalist, who appears to still be in detention as of press time, said, “I landed in Zimbabwe earlier today, and I have been detained at Harare Airport inside a smelly locked room for nearly 7 hours. They said that despite using the travel document of a country with a visa-free relationship, my nationality is still Nigerian, and thus, I need a visa.

“I was processed for removal from their country and locked in a tiny room, but I have heard nothing from anyone for several hours. Alongside a lady from Uganda (also a visa-free country), I have been locked in a room with no windows or toilet, plus a bottle of pee on the floor.

“No one appears to be in charge of anything, and even though my return flight to Addis has been rescheduled for tonight, I am still locked in this room, and I risk missing my flight. They appear to have forgotten that they have people in detention here.

“I am ready to hop on my flight and never come back to Zimbabwe for the rest of my life. Please, someone out there who is actually in charge of something should let me go so I can be on my merry way. I’m not interested in visiting Zimbabwe anymore.

I want to go home. Please.”