President Tinubu Attends Friday Prayers with Lagos Residents

President Bola Tinubu joined Moslem faithful on Friday to observe Jummah prayers at the Lagos Central Mosque in Lagos Island.

Tinubu was accompanied by his Chief of Staff, Femi Gbajabiamilla, the National Security Adviser, Malam Nuhu Ribadu, and other senior government officials.

During the sermon, the Chief Imam of Lagos Central Mosque, Sheikh Suleiman Abu Na’Allah, urged the faithful to exhibit kindness to both Muslims and non-Muslims.

He emphasised the need for Muslims to emulate the Prophet’s good character, highlighting the Prophet’s impartial treatment of individuals regardless of their status, religion, or tribe.

The Chief Imam also stressed the importance of maintaining law and order, advocating for passion and discipline in the country.

Prayers were offered for the President, members of his cabinet, and the nation, seeking Allah’s blessings for peace and tranquility.

After the prayers, Alhaji Sikiru Alabi-Macfoy, Bashorun Musulumi of Lagos and the Vice Executive Chairman of Lagos Central Mosque, appealed to the President to direct the authorities in Dodan Barracks to grant unrestricted access to the Obalende Eid Prayer Ground for the Jama’atul Muslimeen Council of the Lagos Central Mosque.

Alabi-Macfoy recalled that former President Muhammadu Buhari had established a Special Committee to investigate and address conflicts between the Lagos Muslim Community and Federal Government Agencies, particularly those stationed at Dodan Barracks, concerning the management and control of the land.

The committee, led by Professor Ibrahim Gambari, concluded its assignment with a presidential directive recognising that the Obalende Eid Prayer Ground legally belongs to the Jama’atul Muslimeen Council of the Lagos Central Mosque.

Former President Buhari also directed an end to the desecration of the Obalende Eid Prayer Ground, stopping its profane use as a dumpsite, and ordering the removal of all containers and debris from the prayer ground.

Acknowledging Tinubu’s role in resolving the matter during the immediate past administration, Bashorun Musulumi of Lagos appealed for the President’s intervention to ensure that Jama’atul Muslimeen Council has full access to the prayer ground.

Source: NAN