Ogun Community Sends SOS to Federal Government Over Illegal Mining

Nine communities in the Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State under the aegis of Madoga, have sent a Save Our Soul (SOS) message to both the Ogun state government and the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals over the activities of illegal miners in their community which has caused extensive damage to farming and living.

In the petition titled- Illegal Mining in Our Village, signed on behalf of the communities concerned citizen by
Edun Jeremiah Bamikole, a copy of which was sent to Newdawnngr.com, the body draw the attention of the government to the social, economic and enviromental threats to their community by the activities of the illegal miners.

Dr Dele Alake,Solid Minerals Minister addressing a gathering

It will be recalled that recently, the Federal government through the Minister for Solid Minerals, Dr Dele Alake, ordered the closure of all illegal mines in different parts of the country pending the streamlining of their operations.

Below is the full petition:

Federal Ministry of Mines and Solid Minerals/Abuja and Ogun State Government.


Urgent Action Required Against Illegal Mining on our Village, MADOGA in Ipokia Local Government Area, Ogun State

The Federal Government of Nigeria
Ogun State Government
Ipokia Local Government Area

We, the concerned citizens of Madoga, Ipokia Local Government, are writing to bring your attention to a pressing issue that threatens our community’s well-being. It has come to our notice that illegal mining activities are being conducted on village land MADOGA, posing severe environmental, social, and economic threats to our community.

Ogun state Governor,Dapo Abiodun-No word yet

The unauthorized mining operations initiated by some unknown group of companies claimed that they are registered and licensed by Ogun State Government. This have caused irreversible damage to our land, water sources, and flora and fauna. These activities not only violate environmental regulations but also encroach upon the rights and livelihoods of our villagers, disrupting our way of life and endangering the ecosystem that sustains us.

We urgently request your intervention and swift action to halt these illegal mining activities. Our community is suffering from the adverse effects of these operations, including but not limited to making our rural road impassable, causing environmental pollution, land degradation, water contamination, also our children can not go to school, Farmers can’t go to their farms, marketers can’t go to market, even to move from one village to the other now has been very difficult for our people due to the damages the trucks used for the illegal mining have caused.

The condition of the main road that links the communities

The affected communities include Ifonyintedo, Ita-Ege, Ajelende, Iledu, Ilagbe, Iropo, Imule, Akopin, Akerun, etc

The most painful aspect of the illegal activities is that no vehicle can go in or come out of Ajelende, Iledu, Ilagbe and Madoga. The citizens of these villages need to abandon their vehicles at Ifonyintedo and Ita-Ege, which is about 12 kilometers away to get to their villages because the road is now a death trap to the users.

We call upon your office to:

  1. Immediately cease all illegal mining activities conducted by this unknown group of companies.
  2. Conduct a thorough investigation into the environmental damages caused by these activities.
  3. Enforce strict penalties and legal actions against those responsible for these unlawful actions.
  4. Ensure reparations and restoration efforts are made to mitigate the harm inflicted on our village land and environment.

Our community stands united in seeking justice and protection for our land and livelihoods. We urge you to take decisive action to uphold the law and safeguard the rights of our village against the exploitation and destruction caused by these illegal mining activities.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this urgent matter. We eagerly await your swift and just resolution to protect our village and its resources.

0813 229 5311
For the Concerned Citizens of MADOGA.
Ifonyntedo Ward,
Ipokia Local Government Area of Ogun State.