POLITICS 10th NASS: APC Endorses Abbas, Kalu For Speaker, Deputy – LP Caucus Leader, Ogene

Honorable Afam Victor Ogene, the Leader of the Labour Party caucus for the incoming House of Representatives and Spokesman of the minority caucus known as the “Greater Majority,” recently discussed the upcoming election for Speaker and deputy speaker of the 10th House. He stated that the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) endorsed Honorable Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu for the respective positions, and they have presented themselves as worthy candidates.

When asked about the status of the Greater Majority group, Honorable Ogene clarified that they have not disbanded. Instead, he explained that the ongoing process is a demonstration of a democratic system—individuals aspiring for leadership, engaging in vigorous competition, and working towards consensus. He emphasized that Members-Elect will convene on June 13, 2023, to freely express their choices and elect the House’s leaders.Regarding the minority caucuses’ plan to present their own candidate for the Speakership position, Honorable Ogene explained that they chose not to nominate a candidate.

He suggested that this decision was made to prevent the APC from using it as an excuse if the administration did not meet expectations. It was a patriotic decision to ensure a smooth transition for the incoming government.When asked if he endorsed the candidature of Honorable Abbas and Honorable Kalu, Honorable Ogene expressed strong support for them.

He commended their pragmatic campaigns, their engagement with Members-Elect, and their dedication to their roles. He believed that their emergence as leaders of the 10th Assembly was inevitable. He clarified that their selection was not an imposition but a result of their qualifications and achievements.Honorable Ogene also discussed other factors that may influence the final outcome of the Speaker’s election. He highlighted the inclusion of the South East in the equation, as no other aspirant has offered the zone anything.

Additionally, he mentioned that the power-play in the Senate could have an impact on the overall race’s result.In conclusion, Honorable Ogene expressed his support for Honorable Abbas and Honorable Kalu, highlighting their qualifications and their pragmatic approach to engaging with Members-Elect. He emphasized the democratic nature of the process and the importance of individual choices in the upcoming election for the House’s leaders.