NANS Urges FG to Stop Attacks on Tantita Personnel in Ondo

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) has called on the Federal Government to swiftly intervene in the current attacks on personnel of Tantita Security Services in Ondo State.

The national student body, in a statement signed by its President of the Senate, Sen. Akinteye Afeez Babatunde, on Wednesday, urged the government to take decisive action on the matter.

It said: “The recent spate of attacks on Tantita Security Services Nigeria Limited in Ondo State has raised the alarm among stakeholders, prompting urgent calls for intervention from the federal government.

“Tantita Security, tasked with safeguarding oil pipelines and combating crude oil theft in the Niger-Delta region, has faced relentless assaults on its personnel and facilities, particularly in Ilaje and Ese-Odo Local Government Areas of Ondo State, in recent times.

“Under the leadership of Senior High Chief Idowu Asonja, Tantita Security has collaborated effectively with various security agencies, yielding significant successes in apprehending perpetrators of oil theft and dismantling illegal refineries.

“However, the efforts of Chief Asonja and his team have been met with fierce opposition, culminating in a disturbing incident on February 9, 2024.

“On the said date, armed men dressed in security uniforms raided Tantita Security’s office in Agadagba, causing extensive damage and issuing threats of violence against Chief Asonja.

“Such brazen acts of intimidation not only jeopardise the safety of Chief Asonja but also undermine the crucial work of Tantita Security in maintaining security along Ondo State’s waterways”, NANS said.

“Additionally, efforts should be made to encourage and empower Tantita Security to continue its vital work in safeguarding Nigeria’s maritime interests”, it added.

NANS said failure to address this situation effectively could have dire consequences and may potentially lead to a breakdown of law and order, resulting in further loss of life and exacerbating the already precarious security situation in the region.

“Therefore, proactive measures must be taken to defuse tensions and ensure the safety and stability of Ondo State and its inhabitants.

“In the light of the documented achievements of Tantita Security, including the apprehension of illicit vessels and the protection of waterways in Ondo State, it is clear that they deserve commendation and reinforcement, not intimidation and threats.

“We call upon the federal government to heed this plea for intervention and uphold the rule of law, thereby safeguarding the integrity of security operations in the region”, NANS said.