Mali Uprising: Fulani Being Targeted-Tabital Pulaku Fulani Association

The Tabital Pulaku Fulani Association has denounced the alleged acts of violence, looting and abuses perpetrated by Wagner’s mercenaries and the Malian army in Mali.

This was contained in a statement signed by the association, denouncing alleged acts of violence, looting and abuses perpetrated by Wagner’s mercenaries and the Malian Army in Mali.

“This association, which represents the interests of the Fulani, a majority ethnic group in the region, expresses its deep indignation at these actions which it described as heinous crimes.

“According to testimonies collected, the mercenaries of Wagner, a controversial private military company, and the Malian army are said to have carried out a series of violent actions against civilian populations, in particular the Peul ethnic group.

“Villages were reportedly attacked, homes looted and burned, while physical violence was inflicted on civilians without distinction.

“For the Tabital Pulaku Fulani Association, this is a real humanitarian tragedy that cannot be ignored. She calls on the Malian authorities and the international community so that immediate measures are taken to put an end to these atrocities and guarantee the protection of civilian populations in the region.

“The association also underlines the importance of carrying out impartial and transparent investigations into these incidents, in order to bring to justice those responsible for these abuses and guarantee the fight against impunity. She calls for close cooperation between the Malian authorities, international organizations and NGOs present on the ground to put an end to this spiral of violence”, the association stated.

This denunciation by the Tabital Pulaku Fulani Association highlights the risks of increased destabilization in Mali.

The acts of violence committed by Wagner’s mercenaries and the Malian army only reinforce ethnic tensions and insecurity in the Sahel.