Ikire Medical Students Offers Free Health Services to Residents

The Ifumsa Health Awareness Club, a branch of the Obafemi Awolowo University Medical Student Association, has organized a free medical treatment programme for residents of Ikire community in Osun State.

This initiative, known as the “village outreach,” is an annual community outreach programme aimed at providing essential medical services to the less privileged.

The event took place at the Akire’s Palace and Ikire Mercy Clinic where a range of free medical services were offered to the community.

These services included minor surgeries for conditions like hernia, hydrocele, and lipoma.

Attendees also had access to cervical cancer screening, hepatitis B screening, HIV screening, malaria rapid diagnostic tests, urinalysis, blood pressure checks, BMI assessments, medications, and consultations.

A team of surgeons from the Obafemi Awolowo University Teaching Hospital Complex performed a total of eleven surgeries while about 100 residents received medical attention during the outreach.

Miss Oloyede Kehinde, chairman of the club and a final-year medical student, expressed satisfaction in advancing the club’s vision of “wholesome health for all” and emphasized the importance of raising health awareness in the local community.

Miss Omodara Favour, a final-year student and chairman of the Local Organising Committee, along with Sunday Osuntoye, a 400-level student and vice-chairman of the LOC, highlighted the significance of providing free medical services to those who are less privileged.

They expressed delight in bringing the outreach to the community and gratitude for the opportunity to serve.

Kehinde stated that the success of the 2023 IHAC medical outreach in Ikire underscored the importance of community-driven initiatives in ensuring access to essential healthcare services for all, particularly in underserved regions.