Kent Edunjobi

Edunjobi expresses surprise at success of ‘Ebenezeri’

Kent Edunjobi, a singer, has expressed surprise at the success of his song ‘Ebenezeri’.

Despite its viral popularity, he maintained that the song, which he performed with his church choir, The Apex, was not originally intended for the general public.

In an interview with Sunday Scoop, he revealed that the song was initially composed for their church anniversary, similar to his other songs written for his church.

He casually uploaded the song on YouTube to gather a few views, he said, adding that
to his astonishment, it unexpectedly caught the attention of everyone and became a trending sensation.

While Edunjobi hmdidn’t anticipate this outcome, he gladly accepted the unexpected success.

Reflecting on the lessons he learned from the song’s release, he shared, his thoughts thus: “Ebenezeri” has taught me numerous lessons, particularly deepening my reverence for God. When I compose a song, I seek inspiration and strive to be influenced by the Holy Spirit. Praying extensively before writing any song was how ‘Ebenezeri’ came into existence.”

As the leader of the Apex Choir in the Celestial Church of Christ in Ketu, Lagos, Edunjobi won the Best Soundtrack category at the 2023 Africa Magic Viewers’ Choice Awards for ‘Anikulapo.’

When asked about his feelings regarding the award win, he said, ”Winning the AMVCA is a big deal. Two years ago, I won Africa Movie Academy Awards for Best Soundtrack category for ‘Citation’. However, AMVCA is something I have always wanted to win. Its coming to fulfilment is so wonderful.

“It has impacted a lot on my career and boosted my profile. People who naturally won’t notice me have started noticing me. I am grateful to God and to Kunle Afolayan for the endless opportunities he has always given me and this is one of them.”