Why My Uncle Travelled to Flog Me – Layi Wasabi

June 25, 2024

Comedian and actor, Isaac Olayiwola popularly known as Layi Wasabi, has shared a personal story about his childhood experiences.

On the ’90s Baby’ podcast, he revealed that he was physically disciplined by his uncle, particularly one who travelled for two hours to punish him for poor academic performance.

Layi Wasabi said he failed Physics and struggled with Mathematics, leading to his uncle’s stern action.

He recounted the incident, describing how he assisted his uncle with his luggage when he arrived, unaware of the punishment that awaited him.

“I had uncles that flogged me. I had one that travelled to flog me. He travelled for two hours from Ibadan to Oshogbo to flog me.

“At the time, I passed Biology and Chemistry, but failed Physics. And I had stronger subjects in the art department; so, it was recommended that I did art. So my mum was upset I wasn’t taking school seriously.

“She called one of my uncles, he said don’t worry I’ll be in Osogbo tomorrow. I was the one that opened the gate for him, assisted him to carry his luggage from his car.

“And he sat down, drank water and said bring your report card. He went through all the courses and said, ‘You failed physics, you didn’t do well in mathematics. Lie down there.’ And I knew what my fate was then,” he said.

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