Varsity Don Advocates Exploration of Modern Techniques in Microbiology Research

A professor in the Faculty of Sciences, Edo State University, Uzairue, Charles Adetunji, has said that there is a need to intensify the exploration of modern biotechnology techniques in order to replace traditional isolation techniques in Microbiology research and industrial production processes

Prof Adetunji stated this while delivering the 11th inaugural lecture of the university, titled “Microbial Biosphere: The Global Impact And Under-Explored Currency.”

He added that there was a need to identify some new human microbiomes, which, according to him, could be used to manage, suppress, and prevent pathogens or resolve other health-related challenges.

“Microbial biotechnology would go a long way to provide a safer alternative to synthetic drugs, biocides, and antibiotics with benefits to benign to plants, animals, and humans.”

Adetunji emphasised the role of interdisciplinary network programmes, which he observed was one of the key drivers of a bio-economy through the application of beneficial micro organisms.

He said: “Mammals live in continuous contact or close proximity with micro organisms which eventually colonise the host’s gastrointestinal tract in a way that they both undergo growth and evolution together.

“The most significant thing about the microphone-host interaction is that it is a symbiotic favorable crosstalk because there is interdependency for survival and other vital functions.

“The only way that could ensure sustainability in bioeconomy is to apply some principle that must adhere strictly to which includes the use of renewable resource from agricultural waste for the production of a product of high value, organic materials, plant biomass”.

The varsity don, however, appealed to stakeholders to help in the prevention of conflicts between fuel and food and be more adventurous beyond the current stereotypic approach to technology.

Earlier, the Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Emmanuel Aluyor, said that the 11th lecture series of the institution was another milestone in the remarkable journey of the university’s seven years of existence.

Prof. Aluyor, who was represented by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Administration), Prof Anthony Nwaopara, said the university had accomplished great feats and made indelible marks in Nigeria’s education history.