Tension in Ogun Community Over Proposed Cattle Ranch Site

Stakeholders were at odds with one Mukaila Balogun, the promoter of the cattle ranch project in Ogun State.

Further findings have shown that the issue has escalated to involve local authorities, community leaders, and concerned citizens, sparking concerns about security, public health, and land use.

Controversy unfolded when Mukaila Balogun, son of one of the landlords in Odo-Aye, proposed to establish a cattle ranch in the residential area.

In a bid to stop him, a petition signed by the President of Landlords Association in the area, Victor Banjo Osokoya, was addressed to the Office of the Speaker of Ogun State House of Assembly.

The action which was reportedly initiated by concerned citizens, including members of the Landlords Association highlighted various objections to the project.

During a roundtable discussion convened by the Executive Chairman of Ijebu North-East LG, it was unanimously resolved that Odo-Aye community, being a residential area, was unsuitable for a cattle ranch.

Instead, Balogun was encouraged to pursue goat and sheep rearing, with stringent regulations to maintain cleanliness and prevent health hazards.

However, tensions escalated as Balogun, with the alleged support of his brother, a prominent figure in the local security outfit “AMOTEKUN,” persisted in his efforts to establish the cattle ranch.

Despite attempts to involve local authorities and community leaders, including the Head of LG Administration, Victor Awobotu, Balogun reportedly mobilized support for the project, disregarding objections from the Landlords Association.

Moreover, concerns have been raised about the potential risks associated with the cattle ranch, particularly regarding the safety of nearby Islamic school children and history of conflict with Fulani herdsmen in neighboring areas.

Chairman of the Landlords Association emphasized the need for swift intervention from the Ogun State House of Assembly to safeguard the community’s security and well-being.

Efforts to halt the project have faced resistance, with allegations that Balogun might be backed by undisclosed interests seeking to exploit the area for ulterior motives.

Despite directives from local traditional leaders, including the Elerunwon of Erunwon, attempts to stop the project have been met with defiance, exacerbating tensions within the community.

Source: Platform Times