Super Eagles Midfielder Faces Deportation from Denmark

Super Eagles midfielder, Izunna Uzochukwu, is to be deported from Denmark, even though he has a girlfriend and wife living in the Scandinavian country.

Uzochukwu has played more than 200 games for FC Midtjylland and OB and has lived in Denmark for large periods of his life.

The Nigerian lost his permanent residence permit because he gave up his residence and his CPR number in Denmark in connection with his transfer to the Chinese club MZ Hakka in January 2018.

The midfielder has since appealed the expulsion from Denmark, and it has now been rejected, which means that he must, therefore, pack his bags and leave the country.

“I have my girlfriend and my daughter in Denmark, and I have almost lived in the country for 15 years. I feel really bad and I’m really stressed about it. I can’t do anything!” Uzochukwu said to

“I cannot live in Denmark now, and they are trying to get me out of the country because they have said no to the appeal.

“I don’t think it’s fair, and I’ve been waiting for more than two years. I can’t do anything, and I’ve had offers from other clubs that I’ve had to say no to.”

Uzochukwu argued that he was in Denmark several times during his time with the Chinese club, but the visits were classed as holiday visits.

The Danish Immigration Board have insisted that the midfielder could not get a dispensation despite his strong connection to Denmark because he did not have the same address as his daughter, and emphasized that the child was only born after he left for China.

Source: The Nation