Prominent Nigerian Actress Survives Car Crash, Rests on Edge of Third Mainland Bridge

Renowned Nollywood actress, Bukola Arugba, has opened up on a harrowing accident involving her Venza car along the Third Mainland Bridge.

The accident occurred on the 3rd Mainland Bridge, where her vehicle rolled multiple times, somersaulting and leaving it in a severely damaged state, Bukola Arugba disclosed.

The accident, which took place a day before her birthday, unfolded as Bukola Arugba, formerly married to actor Damola Olatunji, was driving gently on the Third Mainland Bridge. According to her account, a vehicle approached from behind, delivering a forceful impact that seemed intentional.

This collision led to her car turning and striking different angles during the tumultuous event.

Surviving the accident, Bukola Arugba shared the unsettling experience, recounting how they shouted “Jesus” throughout the ordeal until the car eventually turned and rested on the edge of the bridge.

The actress, now a survivor of the car accident, provided a vivid description of the alarming incident that occurred on the renowned bridge.

Bukola Arugba while sharing the video wrote; “This happened a day to my birthday, I kept this to celebrate and thank GOD ALMIGHTY first, my KEEPER , OLOWOGBOGBORO HALLELUJAH 🙌🏾.

We were on third mainland bridge, driving home gently, road was free, suddenly a vehicle came from behind as though it wanted to overtake us, but he turned abruptly and gave the car a hard hit that looked intentional, my car started turning, hitting different angles and all we could shout was JESUS, it faced d bridge, we thought it was over, but suddenly it made a turn , and sat at the edge of the bridge, surely there is power in JESUS name 🙌🏾👍🏽.

“We came down unhurt , and started calling friends , while waiting, I started sensing something bad was about to happen again, then I started praying at the top of my voice by the car. None of the passing vehicles stopped because it was late. I had barely stopped praying when another vehicle came from nowhere and gave the car a harder and stronger bash repositioning the car by automatically lifting the car to the road. You don’t want to imagine the state I was left”, she narrated.