Press Release, By Yoruba Nation Global Directorate


Distinguished and honourable citizens of the human race I write as the director of the aforementioned Yoruba Nation self-determination organisation. In my address to the audience at our weekly town hall meeting on Saturday, May 27, 2023, I admonished Yoruba citizens to shun any behaviour contrary to the well-established Yoruba Omoluabi ethos.

Notably, those who have been following our activities must by now be acquainted with our philosophy of non-violence to guide our intellectual approach to the Yoruba Nation’s emancipation from Nigeria.

Suffice it to say, it came to us as a rude awakening and total embarrassment reading and watching the breaking news of the actions of people who claimed they were under the directive of those claiming to be a Yoruba self-determination organisation and its leadership with a mandate to take possession of Yoruba space in Nigeria. These are the people reported to have interrupted and hijacked Amuludun Radio Station, situated in Moniya, Oyo State, Nigeria.

We understand that these people dressed up in uniforms, which they claimed were of the Yoruba National Army, and acted in a disorderly and insurrectional fashion.

We at the Yoruba Nation Global Directorate, without any reservation, outrightly condemn the attempt to truncate Nigeria’s sovereignty through means considered unlawful and highly repugnant across every civilised world.

Moving forward, we respectfully distance ourselves from the use of any crude and unintelligent insurrectionist approach to achieving the Yoruba Nation’s emancipation.

And as people who pride ourselves as Imole gbogbo Adulawo, it remains our well-considered position that despite the Nigeria union dispute and our resolve and legitimate expectation for a sovereign Yoruba Nation, we firmly believe our agitation should follow diplomacy (lobbying) and well-established international legal precedents and conventions.

We hereby plead with virtuous citizens of the Yoruba Nation to distance themselves from those imposing themselves as Yoruba National Leaders whose actions are repulsively repugnant, void of ideologies, and lacking in strategic approach to liberating the Yorubaland.

Oduduwa a gbewa o, ko nii gbe awon odale.

Yours faithfully,

Princess Adeola Atayero Olamijulo

Directorate Director.