No Force in the World Can Stop Israel from Invading Rafah – Netanyahu

ISRAEL will complete the elimination of Hamas’ brigades, including those in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, and nothing will prevent this, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Tuesday while addressing the New IDF recruits.

“We will complete the elimination of Hamas battalions, including in Rafah. There is no force in the world that can stop us.

“Many forces are trying to do so, but it won’t help, because this enemy, after what it did, will never do it again,” Netanyahu said.

“They also won’t exist anymore. We are committed to doing this, and each and every one of you now, in your enlistment, will contribute in this way and in other ways to achieving the goal. It must be done. After doing such a thing to our country – they won’t do it anymore.

“We have three goals: One, to bring back the abductees. All of them, and not just them, everyone together. We will bring them all back.

“The second goal is to eliminate Hamas.

“The third goal is to ensure that Gaza no longer poses a threat to Israel.

“And there is a fourth goal – what exists in Hxmas is part of Iran’s axis of evil aimed at destroying us. And when we defeat Hamas, it’s not just defeating Hamas – it’s defeating the Axis.

Everyone in the Middle East, and beyond, is sitting in the stands and watching who will win on this field, Israel or Iran and its proxies. You already know who will win. Good luck to you all”, he concluded.