Inability to Pay Bill: Hospital Drops Patient in Front of Husband’s Shop

Confusion erupted on Desalu Street, Odo-Ona, in Ibadan South-West Local Government Area of Oyo State, as officials from an undisclosed hospital left a sick woman, identified as Blessing Ayeni, in front of her husband’s shop.

The incident, reported by the Nigerian Tribune, occurred in the afternoon of Friday, January 19, 2024.

An eyewitness, Remilekun Tawose, stated that the officials from the hospital mentioned that Blessing had been abandoned at the hospital since last year, compelling them to bring her to her husband’s known address – his shop – where he sells alcoholic drinks.

Additional information revealed that hospital representatives had repeatedly visited the husband, urging him to take responsibility for his sick wife’s medical bills, only to face continued non-compliance.

According to Tawose, the hospital representatives also disclosed that Blessing’s immediate family members initially visited the hospital, but abruptly ceased for reasons unknown to the hospital authority.

When the publication reached the location where the sick woman was left, she remained on the ground, appearing frail under the scorching sun, while residents observed helplessly.

Tawose explained the situation, stating, “The reason we don’t know what to do at the moment is that officials of the hospital told us that we should not move closer to the sick woman because the ailment she is suffering from is contagious.”

Efforts to locate Blessing’s husband for his perspective were unsuccessful, as he was nowhere to be found, and his shop was securely locked.